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Medical Missions/Health Care Ministries

On March 7, I headed to Haiti with a team of Medical practioners who are now my friends. Each team member gave unselfishly of themselves, talents and skills to treat the disadvantaged. As a result many were touched. At end of one week, it was reported that our team served 1141 patients and 33 came to Christ. Joined by local missionaries; we served at several locations in Port-au-Prince. (See more details of my daily reports by clicking on ‘comments‘ below).

The days following the earthquake in Haiti, I prayed that God would open a door for me to go and assist in some way… He certainly answered my prayer beyond my imagination. Joining a spirit filled team was certainly a life-changing experience. I remain grateful to everyone who prayed for us while we were in Haiti.

On the field our team was lead by Rick Salvato, Health Care Ministries Disaster Assessment and Relief Coordinator. Our hosts were missionaries Bill and Dorothy Smith who were exceptional and the very best of hosts for our team. We also met others including Stephen and Cynthia Aldrich, Don and Debra Daniels who worked tirelessly to coordinate various activities. Their individual efforts has allowed us to touch the lives of people we may never see again but, one thing is certain is that in the winter of 2010; we were given the opportunity to go, care for and share Christ with many.

As we have observed; there is life in this City and a hope that God will change lives… patients ask for Bibles to read, the churches are flooded with new people and believers, the courtyards of the churches are the only refuge for many who have lost homes. I continue to pray that the churches will be rebuilt, for the funds to come in and for the missionaries on the ground who are surely on the front line every day. In this blog (day 6 report) I wrote the following while in Haiti: “ As I leave, my thoughts are with the many I have met, some have even given me their pictures, contact information, etc to stay in touch. I leave in the morning but plan to return soon and pray that God will allow me to play a small role to touch once again His people in a meaningful and lasting way. We serve a great Loving God and this trip surely reaffirmed this for me”.

Please add to your prayer list that; permanent medical assistance will be available for the people to meet their needs, for the pastors, for the leadership of the country, for the children, for the elderly and for new businesses to be created that will provide jobs to countless people who are out of work, for a focus on education both at the elementary and secondary levels, for better environmental regulations, etc. I can think of several other requests but, as you read this just consider anything that you may be enjoying right now or, perhaps take for granted; add it to your Haiti prayer list and, you will surely be on track.

Haiti was once known as the pearl of the Antilles; today we have a vision of a new country. Now more than ever, we believe that a new day is in the horizon….

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