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What does a CEO or President of a corporation look like?

In our world there are certain pre-conceived notions or stereotypes that exist concerning what the head of an organization, leader should look like.

It is startling to me that your physical appearance can be directly related to the type of jobs, position you are offered or the friends you make. This expectation of your ability based on looks are surprisingly found where you’d least expect it to show up. I was told recently that a pastor who met me reported afterwards that I did not look like a Corporate President. Also, I have actually met others during the course of my career who have doubted my abilities. Walking into a board room for a meeting when no one has met me can be at times an interesting experience, not so much for me but, for those I meet. In my business face-to-face is important as it helps close a sale to a prospect and, reinforce our message of support to an existing client. As a Christian in the marketplace I remind myself often of Exodus 18:25 “He chose capable men from all Israel and made them leaders of the people, officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.” (This was an action taken by Moses). God chose you to be where you are today; a leader in your family, workplace, community, church. Know that He did not do it because of your great looks but, because you are capable. Oftentimes we are not sure of ourselves but, God does. God’s acceptance is what matters.

The world will continue to pigeonhole you as a leader based on its own prejudice and narrow view. You are a leader, champion, CEO, President, Mom, elder in the church, older brother, sister and counselor to your friends. Whatever place you are in as a leader, be assured that you are capable and God knows who you are and have chosen you to be where you are today. In our walk as Christians, we are to strive to look like Jesus. When you are unsure of yourself because of a reaction to your looks or, your abilities are questioned as a result, remember that God loves you so much that He sent His only son Jesus to die for you. Go ahead do not succumb to prejudices and remember to be a blessing and love even those who choose not to recognize your abilities. In doing so, you will find strength to be unmovable.

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