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Dream big and fasten your seat belts…

Genesis 37:5 “Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him all the more”.

Go ahead dream of something big! Ask God for a big vision. In the mid 1990s God gave me a dream that I will have my own company. It did not happen right away. This came during a time of deep financial trials for me and my young family. I felt the pressure of being a dad, a husband and was uncertain about the future. I truly wanted this to happen quickly but, many years went by before the dream was realized.

Surprisingly, when I first shared my dream with those around me; the initial response was not at all as I had expected. Friends did not immediately share my excitement and vision; some even discouraged such an idea. Through prayer, persistence and hard work we made it through the formative years and had a prosperous business and company. Those who originally doubted our abilities clearly miscalculated and later changed their opinions. However, one painful consequence is that some remained displeased and, are still disconnected from us. But God was always present and gave us the wisdom to make it through.

If you, today, are dreaming of something; make it a big dream or vision. Go to God first. Friends may support or oppose you; do not give up, have unwavering faith that God will see you through. Achieving your dream may be immediate or, it may take years but, remain steadfast knowing that it will be realized. For a child of God, life’s cynics do not have the final word. Jesus does! Go ahead live out your dream…. Great faith can trigger miraculous outcomes. The road you take to achieve your dream may be challenging but, stay the course, it may well be the necessary refining process to a great testimony.

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