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Making Decisions

How do we know which decisions will work and, which will not in advance? Decision making lies at the heart of our personal and professional lives. We make them every day. Faced with a new situation, our brain helps us by going through a complex process that is referred to as “pattern recognition”. We make assumptions based on prior experiences and judgments. When we’re dealing with seemingly familiar situations, our brains can cause us to think we understand them when we don’t.

Some decisions are small and harmless. Others are more important, affecting our livelihoods, and well-being. Inevitably, we make mistakes along the way. The daunting reality is that very important decisions made by intelligent people with the best available information and intent are at times terribly flawed. Consider Brigadier General Matthew Broderick, chief of the Homeland Security Operations Center, who was responsible for alerting President Bush and other senior government officials if Hurricane Katrina breached the levees in New Orleans, went home on Monday, August 29, 2005, after reporting that they seemed to be holding, despite multiple reports of breaches.

How can we avoid making similar mistakes? As Christians our decisions do not have to start with errors of judgment. If we want to reduce the risk of mistakes go to God first. None of the Biblical illustrations of casting lots had to do with games of chance. Every time it was used, the Israelites depended on the Lord totally to reveal to them His will. It was an impartial way to find God’s will when choices had to occur. Today in our walk with our Savior Jesus Christ we should impartially depend on God for His decision for our lives. When faced with a decision, do not rush, fear or make assumptions based on prior knowledge. Go to Jesus. He will give meaning and direction in your life.

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