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the next U.S. President

Richard Holbrooke former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations from 1999 to 2001, chief architect of the 1995 Dayton peace agreement and, currently Chair of Asia Society recently wrote the following as part of a piece for Foreign affairs.

” The next president will inherit leadership of a nation that is still the most powerful in the world — a nation rich with the continued promise of its dynamic and increasingly diverse population, a nation that could, and must, again inspire, mobilize, and lead the world. At the same time, the next president will inherit a more difficult opening-day set of international problems than any of his predecessors have since at least the end of World War II. In such circumstances, his core challenge will be nothing less than to re-create a sense of national purpose and strength, after a period of drift, decline, and disastrous mistakes.”

What are your thoughts on these introductory words to his essay?

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