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Trust in Leadership

Leadership requires relationship and trust. Building and sustaining both is essential to overall performance. When leaders behave in a way that is categorized as uncaring it gives rise to suspicion amongst employees, business partners and can ultimately devastate an organization. Leaders should take note of the recent protests by employees at Google and, Facebook. We have observed, earlier and, in the midst of covid-19 how some organizational leaders can stagger through a lack of harmony of purpose and pursuit. Still, there is hope that the efforts of remarkable leaders everywhere who are leading their organizations through this relentless pandemic crisis and, through the anxieties brought on by the social and economic justice will be fruitful. A key lesson this past few months is that greater collaboration between leaders and those they serve is crucial. Let’s acknowledge all those who are taking the right steps.

The rebuilding of Trust is vital

Below are some areas that are not new but, hopefully provide a timely refresher for all in leadership.

  1. Keep your word. Never waver. If you offer to do something then, you need to do it. Your integrity depends on it.

  2. The truth matters. Do not be deceitful and, offer no illusive promises.

  3. Assess who you want to be as a leader. Determine what leadership means to you and always have an objective. Always inspire others to dream, serve and nurture by providing the help they need to step up and succeed.

  4. Act humbly and listen carefully to others. Effective communicators place themeselves in their listener’s shoes. What your listeners hear is what matters, their perception of you is built at this critical moment of exchange, make it worthwhile for in the process you may learn something about yourself. Knowing who you are as a leader is vital, it is not a position but an act.

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