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A sense of duty…

I recently watched the biography of John Adams, HBO series. One of the aspect of his life that stuck with me was the sense of ‘duty’… this sense of duty was passed on to the entire Adams family. Hard to maintain not all the children had the determination to duty that their father lived by. However his son John Quincy Adams stuck to it and later became the 6th President of the U.S. what was interesting is that John Adams’ duty to his country, political career was costly. In the early years, most of his time was spent on the road in Philadelphia with the Continental Congress working on Independence from England, the Constitution and, later spending time in Europe on behalf of the new Republic. Where am I going? Well, in a way it reminds me a bit of the sense of duty that our parents had as they left the mother country Haiti, for a better life for their children and the generations to come. Think for a moment; what they did oftentimes was not for themselves but, for you and me and for our children… what is our duty now? Have we passed on this sense of resolve, duty to our children? Our story does not end with us or even our children… it is to go beyond our generation and theirs to the third, fourth, fifth generation……. Ad infinitum

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, especially from our youth and young adults… J


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