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"Harmony of Hearts: A Thanksgiving Gathering"

In Marlboro's embrace, Gabie's home shines bright,

A haven for family, love takes its flight.

Sisters, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins near,

Thanksgiving's grace, laughter we hold dear. Under Gabie's roof, a feast for the soul,

Memories crafted, a story to unfold.

Blessings surround us, on this thankful day,

For each person cherished, in their own special way.

In the echoes of laughter, love's melody we hear,

A symphony of kinship, drawing near.

Grateful hearts gather, in warmth and delight,

Thanking God for each presence, in this family's light.

Though some may be absent, in our hearts they stay,

Thanksgiving's remembrance, lighting our way.

A verse from the Bible, a timeless guide,

"Give thanks in all things," in Him, we confide.

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