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What’s Your Brand Worth?

Promises kept, result in respect and trust; broken promises erode character. Our integrity guides us in keeping the promises we make and is diminished when we do not keep our word.

It takes a team to work Successful brands invest in their people and place a high degree of importance on integrity. Purpose-driven, personal values that align with business core values create a culture of innovation that can distinguish a company and brand in the marketplace. What employees and leaders say, how they deal with each other, customers and partners tells a lot about who they are as a brand.

There are both positive and negative brands in the marketplace—those who succeed understand their values, their personal qualities, leverage the character of their people, their innovative strengths and processes to elevate their uniqueness, building the brand distinction from the inside out.

The wrong thinking Broken promises, executed digitally, are often believed to somehow not have the same effect as when done in-person, however that is not accurate. For the many positives brought by technology, many have become progressively impersonal. Brands must remember to treat all technology touch-points as an opportunity to connect versus a bunker to hide behind.

“Promises are like crying babies in a theater, they should be carried out at once.” – Norman Vincent Peale.

Our words create an experience for others.

Our Words, once given to a friend, colleague, or family become the building block that form who we are and over time define our character and our integrity. They’re the foundation for opportunities and relationships.?

Uncommon advice:

Words inform actions. Always make sure to carefully weigh a response. How you say something can be just as important as the actions behind those words.

Stuff happens. At times circumstances arise that cause us to rethink a promise… if an obligation cannot be fulfilled, quickly engage and do whatever it takes to complete the task. Keep your promise in order to maintain brand value.

Keeping your word nurtures your integrity. Integrity is essential for people to place trust in you. Without trust a brand cannot influence anyone. Influence determines a brand’s destiny. It starts by simply keeping a promise, but the affect is honesty and esteem.

Integrity cannot be delegated. Those in leadership positions must act responsibly, be 110% engaged and take deliberate actions to design and communicate the objectives that are needed for enduring stature. In a company everyone can help enhance the brand; marketing, customer commitment departments can all play a part.

The next time you give your word, remember that your commitment, once given, has lasting value and reflects on your character. You choose…

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